Author Spotlight- Gina Holder

Gina Holder

I’m so excited to introduce you to an amazing author and my good friend, Gina! Her books are full of vivid characters, amazing suspense, and strong faith elements and they keep me up way past my bedtime and stick with me after I’ve read the final sentence. If you haven’t read her books yet, I highly recommend her work.

Author Bio: Gina Holder dreamed of being a writer from her early teen years and lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter. When she’s not homeschooling her daughter or working on her next novel, she enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, singing, and playing the piano and organ. Her indie published debut novel released in 2017.

Now let’s dig in and learn more about Gina and her writing process.

  1. What’s the last book that had a significant emotional impact on you? It might be a story that made you cry or one that had you delirious with laughter. Why do you think it had that impact?

The last book that had a significant emotional impact on me was Unveiling the Past by Kim Vogel Sawyer. It definitely made me cry! Kim’s books always touch my heart in both emotional and spiritual ways. I love the biblical applications I garner through the lives and struggles of the fictional characters.

2. What books are on your nightstand (or in a Kindle queue) right now?

I am dying to read The Love Note by Joanna Davidson Politano. She’s one of my top favorite authors! Also, in my queue is Minutes to Die by Susan Sleeman, Backlash by Rachel Dylan, and the entire Harbored Secrets series by Natalie Walters.

3. We all have projects that are a real bear! Which book of yours was the toughest to write? Why?

Forgiven Again, my newest release was the toughest to write. For several reasons. During the editing process, my husband (who is my “editor”) found major plot holes and inconsistencies in the story. And this was after I had gone through the book multiple times and it had been read by six beta readers! I had to do some major rewriting. 

Also, this book was hard to write because my main character, Kathleen Phillips, is not a likeable character. She’s selfish and often downright rude to those in her life. I kept wanting to soften her, to make her likeable, but she refused. In the end, I hope that readers will give her a chance. Her personality and prickles make for a strong redemptive “prodigal-son type” story.

4. In the Bible, do you have a “life verse” that’s significant to you? Do you find yourself exploring this theme often in your work?

My life verse is Ephesians 3:20. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us…” This verse definitely showed up as the theme in my debut novel, Whither Shall I Go. Maybe someday in the future I will explore it further in another novel.

5. Which character in your books is most like you?

I like to think there’s a little bit of me in all my characters. They do come from my imagination after all. But I would say that Ellie from Whither Shall I Go is the most like me. 

Forgiven Again Blurb:

She’s running for governor. He’s a pastor. 

Will they risk their lives to keep a secret?

Annie Staten, now known as Kathleen Phillips, has dreamed of pursuing a political career and following in her father’s footsteps. But Richard was a hated man during his tenure as governor and now his enemies will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter from winning the election. 

Ryan Whitestone has loved Annie since high school, but his heart is broken by the woman she has become. When the daughter she gave up for adoption comes back into her life, can he help her heal from her pain and remind her of who she used to be? 

Will Kathleen be able to forgive herself, put the past behind her, and find love again?

The continuing story of No Greater Love. 

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