Top Three Thursday- Prison Reviews

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been a little obsessed with prison reviews for the past week. For all you who don’t follow me, I’d hate for you to miss the fun, so here are three funny prison ratings for a Thursday pick-me-up.

3. False Advertisement

Hey, I’d expect a little more music at a place called Sing Sing too…

2. Looking on the Bright Side

I have to give this guy credit. He’s looking for silver linings.

  1. Melodramatic Much?

Am I the only one who’s struggling to buy what Joseph S. is selling? Sounds more like the plot to a Hallmark edition of Prison Break. Also, I wouldn’t mind having a friend named Red who could hook me up with rock hammers whenever the need arose.

Top Three Thursday- True Crime Memes

Let’s be honest. 2020 has been a total rip-off full of plot twists none of us saw coming. Sometimes, my anxiety is off the charts, and prayer and a good laugh are the best medicine. Here are three of my favorite true crime memes. Hopefully, they brighten your day!

3. Maybe this is why I’m single…

2. Check yourself.

  1. It’s true.

How many of you watch an embarrassing amount of true crime documentaries? Which is your favorite?