Top Three Thursday- Dangerous Activities Most People Think Are Safe

3. Walking Near a River

Norfolk, NE Cowboy Trail

I was recently walking with a friend on the Cowboy Trail in Norfolk. Right next to the river, I might add. Every time twigs snapped, I knew for certain a serial killer was hiding in the woods. Usually, squirrels were the cause of my near coronary episodes. Still, there are too many bodies discovered in garbage bags in the river to let my guard down completely. And on the way back, a rather suspicious looking dude was standing on the river bank staring into the void. My friend commented that the guy had probably just thrown someone into the water. Perhaps, I’m passing my paranoia to others, but I’d like to think I’m making them more aware and thus better prepared for dangerous situations.

2. Going to the Circus

I’ve never felt safe at the circus. Why, you ask? I can sum it up in one word… Clowns. There is something inherently sinister about the creepy plastic smiles and forced laughter of clowns. I mean, they’re hiding secrets so dark Dateline hasn’t even steeled their nerves enough to interview these beings. Maybe you think I’m crazy, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but if John Wayne Gacy taught us anything, it’s that murder and body disposal aren’t out of a clown’s wheelhouse. And when those clowns were standing on street corners all over the country a few years back, I was honestly shocked that so many people seemed surprised. Why be surprised when clowns do horrifying things? It’s just typical clown behavior.

  1. Jogging Outdoors

This will come as no surprise to my faithful readers. But let’s be honest, a lot of joggers either end up dead on the side of the trail or they have the misfortune of finding a body near said trail. I’m pretty sure that as soon as your sneaker hits the sidewalk wherever you plan to jog, your chances of finding/becoming a dead body increase exponentially. If you choose to take such a risk, bring pepper spray or a baseball bat and make sure you’re in a location with cell phone reception. You’ll thank me later. 🙂

Top Three Thursday- Spots to Find/Become a Dead Body

As morbid as it sounds, I want to fill you in on some danger zones. Places I’m convinced are hot spots for either murder or victim disposal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. Dumpsters in Back Alleys

Woman's body found inside burning dumpster near Town Center area in  Virginia Beach |

I’d recommend avoiding creepy alleys in general, but don’t go near the dumpsters. This was a lesson Batman and his parents learned the hard way.

2. Rivers

Authorities identify body found in Trinity River behind Fort Worth sex shop

Some people find boating or tubing down the river relaxing. Maybe it is. But keep an eye open for dead bodies. I mean, have you done a tally of the corpses pulled out of rivers on Dateline? It’s unsettling.

3. Jogging Trails

Trail Running or Road Running? The Pros and Cons of Running on Different  Surfaces | Shape

I’m sure you saw this coming, but jogging trails top my personal list of dead body hang outs. I’m not sure if people get murdered while jogging or if they just drop dead from the sheer craziness of it all. Maybe it’s just a prime dumping ground after the deed is done. But if my carcass ever turns up on a jogging trail, tell the police that I was murdered elsewhere and dumped. I’d never visit a place like that on purpose, because I have no desire to find a dead body.